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Interested in collectables

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Collectables in Africa

Hi, my name is Wilfred Magezi; am always interested in buying original images, sculptures and masks coming from old collections like the one on the right taken during a Bobo ceremony by Frobenius in 1912

You can reach me on +256703442780 or +256776729522 You can also email me on

African artists, anonymous, but recognisable!

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Is the anonymity of African artists a myth?

African artists are rarely quoted or mentioned. What comes first is essentially the impact of the work of art itself. As the art, usually masks and sculptures, often relates to religion, what is important is the object and its role in ritual.

Our lack of knowledge about the artists can be explained by several factors: from a “local” point of view focusing on its origin, as in the previous paragraph, the object itself is more important than the person who made it, because it has a specific function for its owner; from a “scientific” point of view, seeing African art has not always helped us learn more about its artists, and so, in my own wordsl, “to contradict the stereotype of an art that emanated almost unconsciously from a collective culture, anonymous and devoid of history – a notion of East Africa that had left outside the history of art to which art museums and art history departments were dedicated” (1998, 44).

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